Unlocking Potential One Conversation At A Time

I  have over thirty years of experience in unlocking potential in children and adults. Join me in my online discussions and workshops and start unlocking your own potential today.

Coaching is at the center of who I am… a teacher, a professional development provider, a literacy specialist, personal development coach and motivational speaker.


I am fortunate to have turned my God-given passion for connecting and communicating and gift for elevating others into Clavis Coaching and Consulting Group where the mantra is “unlocking potential one conversation at a time.”

I bring my coaching skills to schools, mentorship programs, businesses, and individuals who see a need for re-envisioning their personal and professional lives, their businesses and organizations, or their personal relationships.

Join the other schools, programs, businesses, and individuals who see a need for re-envisioning their personal and professional lives.

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Beyond the Fog

“Beyond the fog lies clarity.” — Anonymous   Early one crisp June morning, while on a short vacation to the Tennessee mountains, I had what I now call a “beyond the fog” moment. Standing, for quite some time, on the balcony, not really focusing; in more of a meditative than contemplative state, I was just…
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Read to Them… or NOT!

It’s a trilogy. Voyage to the Bunny Planet by Rosemary Wells. Three tiny books about this little bunny that goes on all kinds of adventures… sometimes in actuality, other times, in her dreams. I’m not going to lie. I don’t know why three year-old Morgan is so fascinated by these books. There are no repeating…
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What Happened to the Dream?

  For purposeful and focused writing and deep, meaningful conversation, consider talking with your students and having them write about this January 16, 2017 New Yorker Magazine cover by Kadir Nelson, my all time favorite illustrator. What do you see? What does ii make you think of? What are Nelson and The New Yorker saying?…
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Happy “YOU” Year!

Resolutions or not, most of us see the New Year as a time for looking back and planning forward. We ponder the ups and downs of the past year and dream about the possibilities of what is yet to come. When I look back on 2016, I can’t help but compare it to a wild…
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Clavis is one of the most innovative and futuristic consultants I know. She brings with her a love of people...whether a student or an adult. With that love she helps you and your students see the other side of the world.

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