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Get Outta Your Zone

O.K. You recognize this place. You’ve been here before. You feel like you’re settling. Going nowhere. Sometimes when you’re here, you feel bored. At other times, fear, doubt, sadness, even depression set in. There is an all-consuming restlessness. You take stock of your life. Overall, you know you’re blessed. You should be feeling overwhelming joy,…

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Get Into the Zone

In the world of education, we talk about ZPD, the Zone of Proximal Development, a term penned by Lev Vygotsky, noted psychologist. ZPD is that space in which a learner is capable of learning something new, with the guidance of a more expert person. Until recently, I had not given ZPD much thought, outside of…

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Conflict: One of Life’s Teachers

    Conflict. When one thinks of the word, one might imagine battles, arguments, hard conversations. And it could be all of these. However, conflict is more than these things. While conflict can be hard, it can also be enlightening, and even freeing. It can be an opportunity for growth and change. When facing conflict,…

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