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Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, teacher?

Teachers, stop talking! I mean not really. Not entirely. But, seriously, stop talking so much! I am in lots of classes, and in most of them, I am in there no more than about 30 minutes, and I get bored. Like really bored. Like brain-numbing bored. So, what about your kids? Have you stopped long…

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Invisibility in Our Schools

Invisibleness. It doesn’t start with manhood or even adulthood. It starts in childhood. When our black and brown babies cross the thresholds of our schools. Yes, they’re there: flesh and bone, fiber and liquids, and they might be said to possess a mind, but because people refuse to see them and I mean really see…

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So you find yourself here again. Stuck in that relationship that you swore you were going to leave so long ago. Looking at that same 20 pounds that you promised you were going to lose over a year ago. Locked in that dead-end position on your job that you said you were going to move…

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