About Clavis Anderson

Coaching is at the center of who I am… a teacher, a professional development provider, a literacy specialist, personal development coach and motivational speaker.



Owner and lead agent of Clavis Coaching and Consulting Group, LLC., I  have over thirty years of experience in “unlocking potential” in children and adults, which include fifteen years as a classroom teacher, one year as a Curriculum Resource Teacher, two years as a Student Intern Supervisor for the University of South Carolina, eleven years as a state level Literacy Coaching Specialist, four years as an adjunct instructor for the University of South Carolina and a Professional Development Provider for schools and organizations in various states as well as a sought after Diversity Advocate.

I am fortunate to have turned my God-given passion for connecting and communicating and gift for elevating others into Clavis Coaching and Consulting Group where the mantra is “unlocking potential one conversation at a time.” I bring my coaching skills to schools, mentorship programs, businesses, and individuals who see a need for re-envisioning their personal and professional lives, their businesses and organizations, or their personal relationships.

I hold the following  coaching certifications:

  • Certified instructor for the Decision Making for Results: Data-Driven Decision Making and Data Teams seminars
  • Power of Teaching Research Foundations and Observation Protocols
  • Cognitive Coaching Training
  • Certified CAPP© Institute Personal Development Coach.

In addition to the various coaching certifications, I received:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Francis Marion College,
  • Master of Education, Cambridge College
  • Education Specialist in Teaching, University of South Carolina, 2004

During my teaching career, I was awarded:

  • Milken Family Foundation National Educator, 1998
  • Richland School District Two Teacher of the Year, 1997-98
  • Joseph Keel Elementary Teacher of the Year, 1997-98
  • S.T.A.R. Teacher, 1998
  • Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year, 1993

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