Beyond the Fog


“Beyond the fog lies clarity.”

— Anonymous


Early one crisp June morning, while on a short vacation to the Tennessee mountains, I had what I now call a “beyond the fog” moment. Standing, for quite some time, on the balcony, not really focusing; in more of a meditative than contemplative state, I was just looking toward the hills encompassing our cabin, when I came to the realization that I could see, in the distance, the lights of the towns of Seiverville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. And oh, the mountains! They were not mere curved, black shapes anymore. I could see the light and dark greens of the mountains’ forests… pine, ecru, hunter, viridian. There were splashes of orange, pink, and yellow from various flowering trees. And the sky was blue. All of a sudden, the sky was blue, and floating against it were clouds, fluffy and white.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Mountains, sky, clouds, trees. It’s what you’d expect to see in the mountains. They were there all the time. Big deal!

Before this realization, I wasn’t thinking about what I could see or couldn’t see. I was just standing there, looking out. Not seeing. Just looking. And it came to me. Oftentimes we are just in a fog. We don’t even know from whence the fog came or when it arrived. I’m not sure most of us even know that we are surrounded by it. It’s just there. This fog. It veils what we could be or should be. A fine mist, it conceals the best of us. And we stand in it. Not really seeing it, but somehow knowing that there is something more, someone more we can be or should be. But… it’s that moment in which we take a breath… readjust our eyes… that things are made clearer. Who we can be or should be comes into view. And she was there all the time! That IS a big deal!

So, how do we see beyond the fog? Here are a few ways:

Take the time to meditate and contemplate on where you are in your life. Take an honest, unobstructed view of how you are existing, and ask “Is this the life I envisioned for myself? Does it serve me well or enable me to serve those I love without giving up the best of me?”

  • Write daily. Start with who you THOUGHT you would be (not WHAT, but WHO) at this juncture of your life. Again, be honest. It’s only through honest introspection that the fog begins to lift.
  •  Ask somebody. Talk with your tribe. Ask ,“Who do you think I am?” And then listen. Don’t defend or make excuses.
  • Coaching. Sometimes we’re buried in pea-soup fog. A fog so deep  and mirky that there appears to be only the mist itself. Support from an unbiased life coach can help you find your way to clarity.

Regardless to how you plan to do the work of defogging your life, my prayer for you is that you will find yourself and that when you do, you will love him or her immensely!


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