Dusty Self


Dusty Self

By Clavis


It’s been years since you thought about.

Leafed through it.

Pressed the dog-eared pages between anxious fingertips.

BUT it is there. Where you left it.

Shoved between choices and sacrifices.

Lost among the cobwebs of roles, jobs, positions.

Relentless pursuits.

It’s braced, right where you tucked it away,

Turned away, walked away.

It’s not lost. Not gone.

It’s dismissed.

Abandoned for satisfaction of others.

BUT it is there. Where you left it.

It is and always has been there.

Waiting… that dream … that desire… that YOU.

It is calling…

“Come… Clear the webs. Brush off the dust. Pick me up…”

It is daring…

“Come… Touch the pages. Read the words… your heart’s desire.”

It is imploring…

“Come… “

“Come home…”

“Come home to YOU.”


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