Happy Re-New Year!


2017 is almost over. Time for renewal. Time to make room for new stuff in a new year. New relationships, new opportunities, new challenges, new adventures. New stories of personal and communal gains. In short, it’s time to recommit to re-NEW-al!

But, first…

You gotta take stock. Take a realistic look at where you’re sitting and HOW you’re sitting, right now, in your life. Look at the people in your life. Who gives you “lift”? Who drags you down?

Look at your habits. Which ones move you toward your vision for your life? Which ones pull you backward or keep you stagnant?

It’s time to clean up your act. De-clutter and rearrange your metaphorical closet.

I know, I know! You’re thinking, “OMG! If I read one more blog about taking stock… THIS IS NOTHING NEW!”

And you would be right. This is nothing new. You know it,  and I know it. But, why am I writing this anyway? To remind you (and myself) that from time to time, ( and this is the perfect time) we have to be still and honest enough to reflect on our lives and ask, “Am I living my best life?”

Usually, the answer is, “Child, you know you’ve got more work to do!”

So… before this year’s end … Do it! Take stock. Take a truthful look at who you are and where you are. Then, take those necessary steps to make room for the new you in a new year.






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