Happy “YOU” Year!


Resolutions or not, most of us see the New Year as a time for looking back and planning forward. We ponder the ups and downs of the past year and dream about the possibilities of what is yet to come.

When I look back on 2016, I can’t help but compare it to a wild rollercoaster ride, full of steep hills to climb, hair- pin turns and drops so fast they took my breath away. Yes, 2016 was a year of wins and losses and ups and downs. Pain and heartbreak, beauty, love, and joy. Moments that left me breathless and some that knocked the wind right out of me. But… the coaster did not fly off the track!

That was 2016, and as hard as it was at times, I can now look back and see how every milestone moment was made just for me and came to teach me something about who I am and who I’m yet to be. And I’m still here; wiser, stronger, and sharing my thoughts with you, thankful for the gifts of this past year and looking forward to whatever 2017 has in store for me.

I welcome the New Year, and I know that it is pregnant with amazing adventures and endless possibilities. Do I expect everything to be smooth sailing? Of course not! Life has taught me that! What I do expect, though, is to figure out how to not only stay on track, but also how to enjoy the ride. I look forward to the thrill of BEING!

Every day, every new encounter, every adventure, every crook and turn helps me to uncover yet another layer of who I am.

No matter what comes, I look for every experience to teach me to be me.

So, in this spirit, I wish you, my friends, a Happy “YOU” Year!

A year that is a blessed and joyous “ride”  full of love, clarity, and understanding and tailor-made for YOU!




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