Livin’ on Purpose


The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

                                                     — Robert Byrnes


Finding our purpose. Being purpose-driven. It’s the 21st century thing. The new trend. Focus. Obsession. We’re all scrambling— running from workshop to workshop, seminar to sermon, book to book, coach to counselor to church.

Maybe, just maybe we should all calm down. Slow down, even. Maybe take a breath. Heck! Take two breaths! Perhaps, we’d be less confused, less agitated, less frantic if we focused our energy, not so much on finding our purpose as on living on purpose; living a life of purpose.

What do you mean by this? you ask.

It’s a practice, really, of being intentional in your life. Being purposeful in what you say and do (or not say and do).

Here are the questions I ask myself. Feel free to borrow them!


  • What gift do I give to this moment? For what GOOD do I wish for this person; this place; this situation? How can I make this happen?


  • What gift do I get from this moment? What do I want right now? What do I want to know? Who do I want to be or become?

What if we just slowed down and lived on purpose instead of trying to find purpose?

Living a life of purpose, to me is about being IN my own life. Being focused squarely on that moment, on that person, on that music. Whatever! And trusting that it is more than enough.

I prefer purposeful livin’ over being purpose-driven. How about you?


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