Re-visioning for Success


Happy New Year, Colleagues!

Remember those lovely vision boards your faculty worked on so diligently at the beginning of year? It’s time to take them out. Time to take an honest look back and ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. What parts of our visions have become realities? What steps did we take to ensure that these parts became reality?
  2. Which parts of our visions have not coming to fruition? Why? Were they overly ambitious or idealistic? Not clearly thought out? Did we forget these particular parts of our visions? Did they get lost in the day–to-dayness of being educators?
  3. What should we add to our vision boards at this juncture of the school year? What really matters to us and to our students? What has become OUR idea of success and achievement in our classrooms?

After this re-visioning, it’s important that your teachers take the time to write down specific goals and practices (next steps) to which they will commit in order for their visions to become realities. Then, they must

  1. Talk about their re-visions, goals, and next steps with their colleagues, being willing to accept questions and feedback for the purpose of strengthening and focusing their plans, as well as to solicit any support needed in staying true to their re-visions
  2. Share their re-visions and plans with their students, being willing to accept questions and feedback for the purpose of not only strengthening and focusing their plans, but also for the purpose of demonstrating goal-setting and planning.
  3. Give their students ample time and support in re-visioning, planning, and goal-setting. There should be time for sharing and for teachers to confer with their students for the purpose of understanding and clarifying students’ goals and making sure that they are meaningful to the student, realistic, and in alignment with your classrooms’ visions of success.

My wish for you, my colleagues, is that you will take this time to reflect and plan for the rest of the school year to be meaningful, focused, and vision-driven. You, your teachers, and your students deserve time to build on what matters the most to you as a school community; to revisit your old vision; and to re-vision with a purposeful and positive look forward to the rest of the school year. You deserve time to sit knee to knee in meaningful ways and to dream, as a community, of new possibilities, new outcomes; a re-vision for a new year.



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