So you find yourself here again. Stuck in that relationship that you swore you were going to leave so long ago. Looking at that same 20 pounds that you promised you were going to lose over a year ago. Locked in that dead-end position on your job that you said you were going to move out of.

So, what’s up? Why are you still here? Why have you not made a change that you know in the deepest part of you that you must make.

Perhaps, it’s because change often requires the giving up of something familiar, even if that something is not what’s best for us. Not what God intends for us.

Change requires sacrifice, and sacrifice is one of those words that causes knots to grow in our bellies; lumps in our throats. Perhaps it’s because sacrifice has been accompanied with images of lambs led to slaughter; Jesus dying on the cross, Mother Teresa giving up her whole life to serve the poor.

Oftentimes, sacrifice seems like it’s a huge giving up of something. But, what if it’s not only the giving up of something, but the intentional act of giving up or letting go of the current situation FOR an improve situation?

So, what if you started envisioning your new relationship? What if you really started thinking about what you would look and feel like 20 pounds lighter and just took a step toward it? What if you went ahead and started interviewing for new jobs and new positions?

What experience has taught me is that when I am willing to make a move toward a greater vision for myself, I am more willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get to that vision.

So, what changes are you willing to make? What intentional actions are you willing to take? Of what are you willing to let go so that you may have a better life? Job? Body? Relationship?

Can you give up an hour of your time so that you may exercise? Can you give up your fear of interviewing so that you may go out and get the job that you deserve? Can you take a break from your current relationship?

I don’t think it’s about the size of the sacrifice as much as it is about being willing to grow in your ability to sacrifice.

Life has taught me that when I am willing to make small sacrifices, my outcomes improve so much that it gives me the courage to make even greater sacrifices. For example: I wanted to lose weight. I started dieting and exercising. I lost weight. I started putting more emphasis on eating correctly and exercising more. The outcome was a stronger, healthier body that I’m pretty doggone proud of. I grew in my ability to sacrifice for the body that I envisioned for myself.

What dreams do you have? What changes do you want to make? What sacrifices will it take for you to become the better version of yourself?

I encourage you to take some time and reflect, perhaps sketch out a vision, journal, or talk to a supportive friend or maybe even a life coach, and begin to sacrifice your way into the life you want to live.

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