Wouldn't take nothin'...

“Got my hands on the gospel plow, wouldn’t take nothin for my journey now.”

Lyrics from the song I loved to hear my grandfather sing still resonate with me. They say to me, ” You have work to do. Gospel work. Truth work. Till fertile ground, sow good seeds. cultivate potential, and reap a bountiful harvest.  This is the crux of optimal living. Constant sowing and reaping. growing through truth and intentional hard work.

...for my journey now

Clavis Anderson

Over Committing

I was often overworked and frustrated, doing stuff I really didn’t want to do, trying to balance an already full plate as I added just one more thing. Because I wanted to be appreciated. Sounds crazy, right? You want to know something else? I hardly ever asked for help because why? I thought asking for help would make me appear weak or incompetent or show a lack of confidence.

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Clavis Anderson


Second-Guessing This is the second in the series of quick writes about what I’m calling “Your Confidence Slip is Hanging.”   I grew up in a

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