You are enough.It’s a well-intended mantra. An easy- to- remember positive affirmation. However, like many sayings, it is becoming one of those over-used, sing-songy, and frankly, boring cheerleader-salesman-motivational speaker-phrases rallied from stages and bold-printed in pages of numerous self- help books.

There’s nothing wrong with the phrase. In fact, I’ve meditated on it myself a few times. I’m certain I’ve written it in my blogs, and I’ve spoken it, with all of the love and positivity I could muster, to my clients. What I think, though, is that many of us just stop at the phrase. You are enough.Somehow, for many of us, there is an expectation that these three words alone are enough. You are enough.Somehow, we’ve come to believe that by merely chanting them, we become them. 

You are enough. 

You are enough. 

You are enough.

Well, I don’t know who coined the phrase, but I can imagine that there was so much more intention behind those three words.

Yes, you are enough. What that means is that you have within you and around you all of the capabilities, talents, and resources you need to become who you are meant to be. Therefore, it’s not about just saying I am enough. It’s about having a vision of what enoughlooks like. And then it’s about working toward that vision. It’s about garnering and leveraging what’s inside of you to become the stronger, wiser, more capable version of yourself.

Yes, you are enough. You are valuable, worthy, capable. But that does not mean you stop becoming enough. In other words, there is no enoughfinish line…or maybe there are hundreds of them and you keep crossing them. It depends upon your take on the matter. Either way, you have work to do, baby. You have to stop and reflect and surround yourself with people who are willing to hold up the mirror to you and hold you accountable. To be enough, one must be willing to confront one’s “stuff”, to somehow have the resolve to consistently excavate one’s ways of being and to root out those practices that no longer serve you well.

So, take some time and reflect on your current enoughs.Name where you are enough. Then think about what your nextenoughs might be. Not the enoughs you’ve grown comfortable with or settled for or got stuck in… the enougshthat are worth reaching for. What do they like? How will enoughshow up in your life? In the lives of others?

Now, think: What’s holding you back?

What strengths, resources must you draw from?

You know what comes next. Do your work. You can do it.

Why? Because YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!